Adrian Mohr recently had 280m of powerlines installed underground on his Meredith farm as part of the Victorian Government’s $750 million Powerline Bushfire Safety Program.
He described it as an “enormous relief” but disappointing it had taken loss of life in the 2009 Black Saturday fires for such a program to be established.
“I’m very humbled to be a recipient of this program and grateful to the Victorian tax payer for paying to do this enormous job for farmers like me who can’t afford to do it,” Mr Mohr said.

“In doing so it has not only made my farm safe but my local town of Meredith safe for the next fire season and beyond.”
Mr Mohr sang the praises of the Department of State Dev­elopment, Business and Innovation and his local electrician, who won the contract to do the work, for making it possible.
Energy Minister Russell Northe said the program, which was established on a Bushfires Royal Commission recommendation, was designed to protect lives, infrastructure and environment from bushfire.
Mr Mohr’s property was chosen for the works as part of stage one of the powerline program.