James is an experienced professional photographer.
He’s not all things to all people, his specialty is people, helping brands convey their story with authentic imagery.
He’s flexible, approachable and responsive and delivers great results without hidden costs or excuses. Some information you may find helpful are his Services, FAQ, Client list, and, if you’re in to details, his Blog. Shop around, compare his service and results against the competition. Once you’re ready to talk, fill out the Contact form or give him a call and he’ll set up a meeting to discuss your project in more detail.
Well, that depends what you want.
As with any professional operation, quality, service and price vary, as do results.
Every shoot is different, so details large and small need to be pondered. James doesn’t charge solely by the hour, as many factors come into play. Closing his eyes with a furrowed brow, he taps into his experience on projects with similar parameters to ensure the best result is provided in the given circumstances. He can work alone with one camera, or with a cast of many and lots of gadgets. Either way, you’ll get the result.
As changes occur in the business and creative worlds, James adapts accordingly. Over the years, he’s forged strong relationships with many clever industry specialists who can assemble a crack team for specific projects. This way, you can be assured of the right crew for your project.
Get in touch! Discuss your ideas with him, it may be just the project to tickle his fancy.
Everyone has heard about copyright, yet it still seems to be a grey area for some. In 1998, The Australian Federal Government deemed their current system wasn’t a great deal for creators, and amended the act accordingly. The folk in Canberra said a fairer approach was for creators to retain ownership of their work, and so the The 1998 Copyright act was born.
All imagery created for a brief is regarded as intellectual property. Much like software, you can purchase the use, but the creator still owns the material. Every job includes a license that will enable you to do whatever you need. Licenses mainly relate to Advertising. To date, Jame and his clients have never had an issue regarding copyright or usage.
Over the years James has worked with budgets of all shapes and sizes, a tailored result can be delivered to suit your needs. Also, it depends on your expectations and understanding of commercial viability.
That’s fine ! However, the amount of preparation may be considerably more to ensure that James squeezes the most from those precious 300 seconds. Don’t worry, James has worked with CEO’s, celebrities, Prime Ministers and even a President. From previous experience with Very Impatient People, James is aware of the subjects camera time understanding they may be doing this through gritted teeth. Just play nicely for a short time and they can get back to their day.
Good question.

After all, It’s pretty easy to make a shiny website with pretty pictures and say good stuff.

Since last century, James been commissioned by all manner of clients. These include magazines, design studios, advertising agencies and a whole gang of loyal direct clients. His proven track record has made him the choice of photographer for some of Australia’s top companies and cultural institutions. Some of the reasons clients maintain his services include:

  • He’s discreet, fast and well organised.
  • He understands the importance of confidentiality.
  • He works effectively alone, or directing a large cast and crew.
  • He remains up to speed with changing technology.
  • He understand how to engage with clients and subjects regardless of status or position.
  • To date, he hasn’t worn jeans and a heavy metal t-shirt to photograph a board member or visiting VIP.
  • So far, he hasn’t addressed a CEO as “mate, dude, boss or chief.”
  • He’s selective with  assistants and support staff.
  • He understands a dissatisfied client is a non optimal situation.
  • As his father once said  “You have one reputation”. He values it.