Creative Innovations Asia Pacific 2016

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Creative Innovations Asia Pacific 2016 invited some of the worlds thought leaders to Melbourne to discuss the impact Artificial Intelligence and robotics will have on business and the wider community. I covered the event, listened to thought provoking presentations, and set up a small studio for portrait sessions of some of these leading brainiacs. The presentations given by these experts will be available online on CITV. Make use of this incredible resource.

The first digital camera was introduced in the early 1980s. Eastman Kodak declared bankruptcy 30 years later. The Netscape browser was launched in 1994. In 15 years, the U.S. newspaper industry was a shell of its former self.
Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Six short years later, the former industry king – Nokia – exited the handset business by selling its mobile phone operations to Microsoft.
The waves of disruption affecting our global economy are creating massive new growth markets. There are now more smartphones than people on the planet, promising unprecedented ability to bring new solutions to people who historically were locked out of so many markets. We now have a chance to bring education and healthcare to hundreds of millions of people in new ways. New technologies have the potential to find effective ways for us to confront climate change, feed the 10 billion people who will populate our planet, and radically reconfigure how we make and distribute things.
Entrepreneurs from around the globe are swarming these and related opportunities, and having impact at unprecedented pace. Consider Uber and Whatsapp. Both companies were founded in 1999. Five years later, the former was worth close to $50 billion and the latter had been acquired by Facebook for $20 billion and grown to more than a half-billion users.

Both companies were founded in 1999. Five years later, the former was worth close to $50 billion and the latter had been acquired by Facebook for $20 billion and grown to more than a half-billion users.
That’s not to say the life of an entrepreneur is easy. It’s so easy to start a business today that the second one gets a whiff of success, the race is on, and it is only a matter of time before the next disruptive wave begins.
Large companies can seize these opportunities too, if their leaders rise to confront the challenges of transformation, changing the very essence of their business. Historically the stories of successful transformation are painfully few, but incredibly powerful. Apple transforms from a niche player in a slice of the computing market to the world’s largest company. Fuji acts early, diversifies its business, and thrives where Kodak stumbled.
Australia’s leading banks are embracing digital technologies, moving their businesses in promising new directions. Rising to the transformation challenge requires new mindsets, skills, organizational designs, and more, but leaders that do so have a chance to drive substantial growth and impact.

Hiroshi Ishiguro (石黒浩 Ishiguro Hiroshi) is director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, part of the Department of Systems Innovation in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University, Japan. A notable development of the laboratory is the Actroid, a humanoid robot with lifelike appearance and visible behaviour such as facial movements.

Australian NASA scientist Dr Abigail Allwood is now one of 7 principal science investigators in NASA’s next mission to the red planet … the 2020 Mars mission. Abby is the first woman and first Australian to be given the prestigious role. Abby is a field geologist with a strong interest in the oldest record of life on Earth

Dr Pradeep Philip is founder of the boutique advisory house, Ergo Consilium, advising CEOs and executives as they navigate uncertainty. He is a highly qualified and experienced executive operating at the highest levels in politics and public policy and public sector management in Australia.

With the set pre-lit, Steph and Nynno await our astronaut.

Hair?… check. Garments?… check. Focus?… check.

A quick eyeball prior to blast off.

Forensic IT: The Way Of The Future

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Forensic IT is a digital forensics, electronic discovery and IT consulting practice. David Caldwell started the company in 2013 after 16 years experience ranging from law enforcement to the corporate sector. David and his team has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with information technology and digital evidence.

I had the pleasure of photographing David and his team in their offices in the CBD.

Impresarios: Italians Growing Victoria

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Seeing your work in print never gets old. Last week I received a copy of Impresarios: Italians Growing Victoria, which features some of my photography, as well as some fantastic write-ups on the subjects.

A commission from Coretext profiling Italian success stories in Victorian business. This book offers a celebratory insight into selected, representative, businesses that are among the most successful in Victoria. They are all established and operated by industrialists who have proud Italian backgrounds. Some families overcame the odds, taking enormous risks and working furiously to realise their goals. An inspiring project to be involved with.

Yarra Yerring Adventure

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Hearty congratulations to Sarah Crower on being the recipient of the prestigious “James Halliday Winemaker Of The year”. These wine awards are widely considered among the most important gongs for wineries, with the industry doyen’s ratings driving consumer sales.

Sarah received the title after two of her Yarra Yering 2014 reds scored a near record 99/100 points and four were marked 98/100, with the Yarra Yering Carrodus 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon also voted best cabernet of the year

In accepting the award the winemaker acknowledged the achievement, expressing her pride at winning the award in a male dominated industry.

“I don’t like to focus on my gender as being important to my role, I think a lot of us in the wine industry don’t, but the absolute truth of it is there not that many of us.”

“I like to think it’s a level playing field, but it probably isn’t when you break it down so that’s really a sweetener, to be the first woman to have won this award.”

This year, over 9000 wines were considered for the awards, which mark the release of the James Halliday Wine Companion.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate one brand from another as we’re all bombarded by imagery daily,

SEEK Ltd approached James to create a bespoke image library utilising mainly Seek staff

Must have emotive content keywords included optimistic, leadership, authentic, supportive, natural, confidence relevant openness, approachable, genuine, humour, focus, intrigue, simple, strong, attentive, aspirational,

Recruitment is a highly competitive environment, and even though Seek is one of the best known recruitment brands in the market place and one of the orginal Australian disruptors along with and Realestae.comother businesses are changing at the bit to get a piece of the action

But disruption is not a static process. Technology, consumer behaviour and engagement channels change with time and the disruptor crown perhaps rests a bit wearily on the head of the $4.3 billion listed giant.With over two million jobseeker profiles and the greatest number of job ads at its disposal, the secret for Seek to maintain its primacy in the market boils down to fine-tuning its analytics efforts to mine its treasure trove of data.

If REA is known as the Mafia then perhaps SEEK should take on the role of the Godfather. SEEK’s command of the employment market is highlighted by its web traffic data. SEEK’s domestic website receives over 35-million hits a month and its international arm over 340-million hits in the same time period. Its latest results presentation claims it now covers over 4 billion people. With over half of SEEK’s revenue and EBITA coming from outside Australia, SEEK has proven its model is transferrable worldwide. The jewel in the crown of SEEK’s international arm is a majority stake in Zhaopin Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:ZPIN), the leading employment website in China. Zhaopin is uniquely poised to capitalise on the mass movement of the Chinese middle class from blue to white collar jobs.

Dominance is not a word that should be used lightly when describing a company, but it fits Seek.

We also made a book to send the Seek office, to thank them for such a great shoot. Some of the pages and layouts are below. They look fantastic printed out on the lay-flat hard cover book. Customised original content is being requested more and more as the noise in the market place increases. There will be no other brand with your visual content.

White Night At SLV

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White Nite is a spectacular event, but a little on the squishy side. Luckily for me, I was commissioned by The State Library and didn’t need to roam the city. Showcasing the projections on the exterior walls and dome where required but also to promote the Les Miserable exhibition. Our equipment was deposited at the Library that morning, gaining access anywhere in the city after 4.00 pm was almost impossible as barricades where erected for the night’s festivities.

Portraits For BHP

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BHP commissioned a series of portraits for their new brand launch of South32.

Directors from around the world flew in to Perth for a strategy meeting and this was our time to update all the executives profiles.

The executive assistants carved out a few minuted from each subjects schedule for portraits in the small studio constructed in a nearby room.

Due to high activity, the space originally assigned became booked. The remaining available rooms had large conference tables which couldn’t simply be pushed aside due to the weight and hard wired technology. Technicians, electricians and beefy blokes removed these rather expensive obstructions in record time to accommodate us.

This was a first.

On the subject of accommodation, we stayed at the rather colorful Miss Maud’s


Published In Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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Some relatively tiny wineries from Basket Range in The Adelaide Hills caught the attention of Wine Enthusiast Magazine in the United States. Over three days I enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm these fine wine makers displayed while working and discussing their craft. Some of them prior to producing their highly regarded wine, had successful careers in other areas, for others it was expanding on their already focussed obsession.

Feeling thirsty? Check out the websites of each individual winery…

Gentle Folk

Commune Of Buttons

Lucy Margaux

Ochata Barrels

Ngeringa Vineyards

Reading Matters!

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Reading Matter is another fine event by The State Library of Victoria, as always it attracts wonderful writers from around the world. The event was held over four days at The Melbourne Art Centre and the Library.

One of the benefits being present at events such as this is I have the opportunity to listen to some fine talent. This year included… I even made some new pals.

The Lion King Comes To Melbourne

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The Disney corporation added three new members to the Australian cast of The Lion King. The newbies portraits had to match the images shot around the world and adhere to the global branding. We took the studio to the theater and photographed the cast in-between rehearsals.