Amplify your brand with a custom image library

The rise of smart phones and social media has ushered in a new era of visual storytelling. Brands who are trailblazing this new terrain are those who’ve become adept at using custom photography to tell a compelling story across multiple platforms.

Alongside commissioning or sourcing quality photography, best practice image management is a critical part of any successful visual marketing strategy. Yet it is often overlooked, with assorted images left to flounder on USBs, emails or personal desktops.

When it comes time for retrieval, where do you look? Is the resolution correct? Are the photos talent released? Marketing teams lose so much time trying to locate images that are ready for use.

Flexible Image Management Services.

As a professional photographer in Melbourne, with twenty years’ experience, James knows how effective custom image libraries are at helping brands gain a marketing edge. In collaboration with you, he can sort, caption and catalogue your custom image library, optimising it in a way that is meaningful for your brand.


James’ comprehensive image management services include:

* Naming files with relevant titles
* Embedding files with descriptive, logical captions
* Sizing images for web, social, print and general use
* Customising metadata to be relevant to your brand
* Applying SEO to images for digital use
* Working with third party photo software or in-house storage

From cost savings to increased productivity, there are a stack of benefits that come from having an organised custom image library at your fingertips.

* Save time and money by streamlining workflows
* Track and enforce proper rights management
* Protect your brand by reducing reliance on generic photography, or by adopting a restricted access
* Leverage cross-platform use with sized images for social, web, print and advertising
* Give SEO a boost by adding relevant, searchable data to your photography
* Enjoy the flexibility of accessing images 24/7
* Customise images on an ongoing basis, as needs change
* Maximise ROI from any images taken by a professional photographer
Contact James to discuss image management services, or to arrange an obligation-free consultation.  0409 363 220